Use of Beechwood Equestrian Centre (BEC) in any way assumes full knowledge, understanding and agreement to the following:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The management have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone at BEC.
  2. For those measures to be effective everyone present must themselves take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents.
  3. BEC will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, injury or damage to any person, or their property or animal, whilst on BEC premises.
  4. No claim, or correspondence in respect of any claim, will be entered into arising from any incident, accident or injury to any person, animal or property at BEC.
  5. We strongly advise all clients should ensure that they, and their animals, are fully covered by third party insurance.
  6. Instructions given by any Official or member of staff must be obeyed.
  7. All instructors using BEC for teaching purposes are responsible for providing their own insurance, child protection certificate and first aid training. Use of BEC by an instructor assumes that these requirements have been met.
  8. Horses and ponies at BEC must be aged 4 years or older, except for specified in-hand showing classes.
  9. Any person responsible for a stallion on BEC premises must take adequate precautions to ensure the safety of others and should inform management that a stallion is present.
  10. A hard hat to current British Standard EN 1384 or PAS 015, with a correctly fitted chin strap must be worn at all times whilst mounted, and is advised at all other times whilst handling horses.
  11. Body protectors are highly recommended.
  12. Correct dress must be worn at all times. Arms must be covered and correct footwear must be worn whilst mounted.
  13. Any person or animal acting in a dangerous manner may be asked to leave the premises. Excessive use of whips or spurs, foul language, cruelty or abuse will not be tolerated and will result in the offender being eliminated and asked to leave the premises.
  14. Management reserve the right to refuse or limit entry if deemed necessary, without giving a reason.
  15. In the event of concussion, which may occur without the loss of consciousness, riders are not allowed to remount. An examination from a medic should be sought.
  16. All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. All mess must be collected and taken away.
  17. Please do not muck out trailers or horseboxes on BEC premises.
  18. Please clear up any mess your animal makes, the only exception to this being that made during competition.
  19. Please take all litter away with you, or deposit in a litter bin.
  20. Any person found damaging, destroying, vandalising or stealing BEC property or premises will be asked to leave the premises. Costs will be charged to the offending person(s) and prosecution may be initiated.
  21. BEC may engage the use of a photographer. By hiring/entering you agree to BEC using images (still and moving) of you and/or your child(ren) for advertising, marketing and publicity.
  22. Any vet/paramedic cost must be met by the injured party.
  23. No lunging at any time on BEC premises, unless an area has been specifically hired to do so. Hire of an arena for lunging must be made clear at the time of booking.
  24. Only plastic poles may be used for the purposes of trotting/placing poles, unless previously agreed.
  25. The arena must be left in the state it was found, unless previously agreed with management.
  26. Any breakages must be paid for if deemed by management to be beyond fair wear and tear.


Competition Rule Additions (In addition to T’s and C’s above):

  1. Owners/handlers/riders enter at their own risk, and it is a condition of entry that no liability of any kind is attached to BEC or the show organisers.
  2. No animal may compete more than once in each class.
  3. Outside assistance during competition will result in elimination.
  4. Management reserve the right to amalgamate or split classes and alter or amend the running order if required, without giving a reason.
  5. Entry fees will not be refunded after entries have closed.
  6. The judges’ decision is final. Anyone deemed to be verbally or physically abusive, abusing or heckling the judges, stewards, competitors or spectators will result in elimination and may be asked to leave the premises.
  7. Any objection must be made in writing to the secretary with a deposit of £10 cash (refundable if the objection is upheld) within 60 minutes of the publication of the results.
  8. Prizes/rosettes may be withheld if there are insufficient entries.
  9. Stallions should be marked appropriately, in accordance with the rules of the governing body for the sport in which they are competing. If the rules of the governing body restrict the use of stallions, then these rules apply in dates when events are being held under that governing body.
  10. Only animals that have entered a class may use the warm up arena.
  11. If a competitor falls or dismounts (except as a specific requirement of the competition) in the arena, they will be disqualified and must not remount until outside of the arena.
  12. Lead rein competitors may only enter nominated classes and must be led by a competent person aged 14 or older.
  13. Horse and rider combinations that enter novice classes may not enter open classes.
  14. Whips to be no longer than 75cm for showjumping.
  15. Adults riding ponies will be placed in the pony category. Children riding horses will be placed in the horse category.
  16. Dressage tack and equipment: Snaffle bridles must be worn for Intro, Prelim and Novice tests. No Mylers with hooks or bevel bits. Any rider found to be riding in these will be eliminated. Double bridles may be worn in Elementary tests. Only Cavesson, drop or flash nosebands may be worn with snaffle bridles; cavessons only may be worn with double bridles. Martingales, side or running reins and reins with elastic inserts are forbidden. Breast plates and breast girths are permitted. No boots or bandages may be worn during a test, but may be used whilst warming up. A whip may not be used in a way or be of a length that disturbs other riders and may not be picked up if dropped during a test.
  17. At no time may more than one whip be carried whilst riding.
  18. Callers are allowed for dressage.
  19. Only horses/ponies that have been entered into an event may use the facilities. Any other horses/ponies bought on a competition day must pay a £10 supplementary charge to BEC.


First Aid

BEC Events: A dedicated First Aider is provided/nominated for all BEC hosted events, for which a charge is made per rider/per day if an outside agency is used.

Events hosted by other persons/organisations: The hirer (event organiser) is responsible for provision of First Aid cover and their rules and regulations should be consulted for further description.

Group/Private Hire: Anyone hiring the arenas or instructing is responsible for their own First Aid and insurance.


Cancellation Policy

  • A non-refundable 50% deposit may be required on booking. If full payment is made at time of booking, 50% will be refunded in the event of cancellation, as long as the cancellation is notified before the designated cut-off period elapses.
  • For school hires and clinics, 48 hours cancellation notice is required in advance of hire date. If less than 48 hours notice is given, the full cost of the hire/clinic will be charged.
  • For events booked at BEC by outside persons/groups, 4 weeks cancellation notice is required in advance of the hire date. If less than 4 weeks notice is given, the full cost of the hire will be charged.
  • If a person books hires at the discounted ‘regular’ hire rate, but then fails to fulfil the minimum number of bookings to qualify, then the hirer must pay the additional amount for all previous events to make the total paid up to the standard hire rate.